My domain just got a new lease on life. I renewed it before it expires on July 9. I’m just too lazy to figure out how to transfer the contents of my site to a better server. I guess I’m happy with my free hosting service (even if it has terrible SEO limitations). ~~~ Got my […]


Dearest Blog, I’m so sorry. I have abandoned you for a long time now. Can’t even remember when my last post has been. I blame our systems at the office. For some reason you are blocked from loading when other people’s blogs aren’t… and you are not even R18, so what gives? During the times I and in […]

A Year in Herschtory

I didn’t realize 2013 was a really busy year for my blog. I’m glad I got to “unload” my trivial daily nothings into it, despite my tumultuous life at work and at home… oh wait… that was the reason why I was escaping into my blog! My Year in Review

Personal Anthems

Songs that make my goosebumps go pop-pop-pop 1. Let It Go 2. Affirmation 3. Let Me Be Your Star 4. Defying Gravity 5. So Much Better 6. Don’t Stop Believing 7. There’s A Fine, Fine Line 8. Seasons of Love 9. Do You Hear the People Sing

You Can’t Be What You Can’t See

“YOU CAN’T BE WHAT YOU CAN’T SEE.” MARIAN WRIGHT EDELMAN Founder & President Children’s Defense Fund